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China wholesaler Transmission Conveyor Motorcycle/Timing /Bicycle Link Chain Roller Chain /Hollow Chain/ Industrial Steel Pintle Chain roller chain design

Product Description

Product Description

Hollow Pin Conveyor Chains (MC Series)
Chain No.: MC28, MC56, MC112, MC224
Pitch: 63.0 to 160.0 mm
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We look CZPT to receiving your enquires soon.
Conveyor chain is used for conveyor products from 1 place to another place e. X for the lumber, we supply good quality Conveyor chain, such as: 81X, 81XH, 81XHH, 81XHS, 500R and so on, if you have special demand we also could develop it for you.

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Why choose us? 
1. HangZhou CZPT Chain Group Co., Ltd established in 1991, we have 5 subsidiaries in China and also have 6 subsidiaries abroad; 
2. We covering a production area of 200, 100 square meters, have more than 1, 800 sets of advanced equipment and over 3, 100 highly skilled employees, the annual production capacity has exceeded 20, 000, 000 meters; 
3. We specialized in producing all kinds of standard chains and special chains, such as A or B series chains, driving chains, conveyor chains, dragging chains, agricultural chains and so on; 
4. We have obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO16969, AAA and API certificates. 

The company is specialized in producing all kinds of standard chains and special chains, E. G. A or B series chains, automobile chains, stainless steel chains, combine harvester chains, heavy-duty cranked link transmission chains, stereo garage chains and maintenance-free chains etc. In recent years, it invests the capital and depends on the improvement of technology to accelerate the step of new product development and the step of technology reform. It intends to produce high strength and precision chains in order to meet requirements of the domestic and overseas markets. We have enclosed our catalog, which introduces our company in detail and covers the main products we supply at present. You may also visit our online company introduction at which includes our latest product line. 

Should any of these items be of interest to you, please let us know. We will be happy to give you a quotation CZPT receipt of your detailed requirements. 


Usage: Transmission Chain
Material: Stainless steel
Surface Treatment: Shot Peening
Feature: Heat Resistant
Chain Size: We Can Produce According to Your Requirements
Structure: All Kinds of You Required


Customized Request


Different types of drive chains

Drive chains are an important part of many different types of machinery. In this article, we’ll cover a variety of different types, from square links to engineered steel. From there, we’ll discuss different types of chains, such as double and leaf chains. Let’s take a closer look at each one. Once you know what kind of chain you’re looking for, you can make a buying decision. If you’re not sure where to start, read on to learn more about these types of chains, what to look for when choosing, and how to choose the right chain for your specific application.

Engineering Steel Chain

Engineering steel chains are widely used in conveyors, bucket elevators, tensioning links, transmission chains, etc., and have the characteristics of high strength, low friction, and good shock resistance. Early models of these chains were developed for difficult-to-convey applications. They were originally made of all-steel components with flanged rollers made of cast iron. They then increase in size, strength, and spacing in response to the heavy-duty requirements of the industry.
Today, these chains are used in a wide variety of applications, including tough oil drilling operations and forklifts. They offer excellent durability and high power transfer and are available in a variety of materials. They are also ideal for harsh environments such as harsh oil drilling. Their high-strength steel construction means they can handle harsh operating conditions. Their durability is an essential feature of any chain, and CZPT Chains offers a full line of engineered steel chains to meet your exact specifications.
A drive chain made of engineered steel consists of several components: links, pin joints, and sprockets. This allows them to carry heavy loads with minimal stretch. Due to its internal mechanical advantage, the chain runs around the sprockets with almost 100% efficiency. Also, the chain is made of special steel that can withstand certain conditions. They are available in different alloys and grades. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Roller chain wear is a major problem for conveyor and drive chains. In these cases, the rollers of the chain are more prone to wear than the bushings, so lubrication is essential. Many chains are designed to work with little or no lubrication. Finally, material selection is an important factor in the design of engineered steel conveyor chains. These factors will help ensure that the chain stays in good shape.

Conveyor Chains with Square Links

There are two basic types of conveyor chains. The first is the square chain, commonly used in cranes and hoists. It’s cheap to manufacture but more prone to overload. The second is a chain that uses hook joints or detachable links. These are used for short-term power transmission and have a lubricating effect. Usually, they are made of malleable iron but can be more expensive.
Another type of chain is the removable steel chain. For moderate loads, this is an easy-to-install option. The closed end of the tab should face the sprocket. It is very important to maintain the alignment of the chain relative to the sprockets. The chain should be adjusted to suit the load before installation. It is important to keep the chain lubricated to prolong its life.
Steel chains offer a wider selection of materials and heat treatments. This chain is also more accurate than its counterpart. Steel bushing chains are less expensive but require more frequent lubrication. Steel roller chains are often used for long conveyor centers or high loads. However, lower friction requirements require lower strength chains. This means that chains with square links are a better choice for smaller conveyors. But this style has its drawbacks.
Bushing chains are made of steel and are an excellent alternative for small-scale applications. The pins are silent and prevent tooth damage. Bushed roller chains are also used to a certain extent as conveyor chains. However, the main advantage of the bushing roller chain is that it does not make any noise at all. Bushed roller chains are made of alloy steel and are suitable for very low-speed applications.

double chain

Double-strand roller chain, also known as a double-strand, consists of two rows of single-strand links. It has high impact strength, low weight, and a small form factor. Duplex roller chains are manufactured using CZPT technology, which uses solid rollers to improve sprocket tooth rotation and reduce shock loads. During the manufacturing process, the metal is heat-treated to increase strength and reduce corrosion.
A single chain is designed for a single sprocket, while a double chain consists of two identical chains connected side by side. Double chains are more durable than simple chains because double rollers contain roller bearings, pins, and other components. Simplex drive chains can handle high loads, while duplex drive chains are designed for medium-duty applications.

leaf chain

Blade chains are used in reciprocating devices such as forklifts. They are also used in machine tools for counterweight chains. Leaf chains come in a variety of lengths, usually with female or male ends. Leaf chains can be manufactured in even or odd pitches and are ideal for lifting and balancing. This article will introduce some key uses of leaf chains in drive chains. Additionally, we’ll discuss how they are made and how they behave in applications.
Most drive chains today are made from leaf chains. These chains are designed to increase the strength of the chain. However, they are less expensive than other types of chains. You can also purchase specialized leaf chains for certain applications. CZPT Chain also offers custom leaf chains for your unique needs. Leaf chains are commonly used in forklifts, material handling, and lifting applications. They are usually made from high-quality components. The BL1688 Leaf Chain has 8 x 8 laces and is sold in 10-foot boxes or 25- to 100-foot reels. The leaf chain can be cut as needed.
When selecting a leaf chain for a specific application, consider the minimum tensile strength of the chain. The minimum breaking strength must be high enough to protect the worker or machine, but must also be legal for the type of machine. Most manufacturers publish this minimum strength requirement. To make the most durable leaf chain, design engineers must consider the ISO4347 standard when choosing the right leaf chain. Leaf chain manufacturers tend to exceed international standards by about 20%.

roller chain

Roller chains are made from a variety of materials. Some common materials include steel and stainless steel. The most suitable material depends on cost, environmental conditions, and horsepower transmission design. Chain manufacturers can optimize the material for the intended use. Depending on its size, spacing, and special construction techniques, it can be made lighter or heavier. This is an advantage for applications in noise-sensitive environments. Below are some examples of common uses for roller chains.
The wear of the components in a roller chain is an unavoidable part of its operation. The amount of elongation depends on factors such as lubrication, load, and the frequency of articulation between the pin and bushing. Manufacturing critical wear parts require careful attention to detail. Proper raw materials, manufacturing, and assembly are critical to product performance and longevity. If these components aren’t of high quality, they won’t last as long as the chain should.
The industry recommends measuring the wear elongation of the roller chain to determine when it needs to be replaced. Proper safety procedures must be used to measure chain tension. The tight span of the chain shall be measured by applying the measuring load specified by ANSI. A correctly measured roller chain is safe to use. For motorcycles, the chain is bigger and stronger. Often, toothed belts are replaced by shaft drives because they are less noisy and require less maintenance.
Tensile strength is the most commonly used measurement method for roller chains. This measurement represents the amount of load the chain can withstand before it breaks. Fatigue strength is another measure of durability. Fatigue strength measures how long a roller chain can withstand long-term use before failing. These two measurements are closely related and maybe the same or different. In addition to tensile strength, fatigue strength is a useful factor to consider when purchasing a chain.

China wholesaler Transmission Conveyor Motorcycle/Timing /Bicycle Link Chain Roller Chain /Hollow Chain/ Industrial Steel Pintle Chain   roller chain designChina wholesaler Transmission Conveyor Motorcycle/Timing /Bicycle Link Chain Roller Chain /Hollow Chain/ Industrial Steel Pintle Chain   roller chain design
editor by CX 2023-06-09

China OEM High-Intensity and High Precision and Wear Resistance *P50f36 China Standard and ISO and ANSI Conveyor Chain with Free Design Custom



    Pitch   P    mm

            Rollerdiameter d1max mm

Widthbetweeninnerplatesb1min mm

    Pindiameter d2max mm


Innerplate depth h2max mm

  Platethickness  t/Tmax    mm

    Tensile  strength    kN/Ibf

Averagetensilestrength Qo     kN

Weightpermeter   q kg/m

Lmax mm Lcmax mm
*P50F36 50 19.95 twenty five thirteen.ninety two 52.eight fifty seven forty 5 ninety nine./22255 108.nine 6.45



HangZhouStarMachineTechnologyCo.,ltd. providesthehighestqualitymaterialsandmanufacturingmethodstosuitthemostarduousofconveyorchainapplications -fromthetransportofbiomassfuels,totherecyclingindustry,paper&pulp,cement,metal-operate,thewoodindustryandfoodprocessing.


Therearetwotypesoflinksalternatinginthebushrollerchain.Thefirsttypeisinnerlinks,havingtwoinnerplatesheldtogetherbytwosleevesorbushingsuponwhichrotatetworollers.Innerlinksalternatewiththesecondtype,theouterlinks,consistingoftwoouterplatesheldtogetherbypinspassingthroughthebushingsoftheinnerlinks.The”bushingless”rollerchainissimilarinoperationthoughnotinconstructioninsteadofseparatebushingsorsleevesholdingtheinnerplatestogether,theplatehasa tubestampedintoitprotrudingfromtheholewhichservesthesamepurpose.Thishastheadvantageofremovingonestepinassemblyofthechain.


Layoutofa rollerchain:1.Outerplate,2.Innerplate,3.Pin,4.Bushing,5.Roller
Ifthechainisnotbeingusedfora highwearapplication(forinstanceifitisjusttransmittingmotionfroma hand-operatedlevertoa controlshaftona machine,ora slidingdooronanoven),thenoneofthesimplertypesofchainmaystillbeused.Conversely,whereextrastrengthbutthesmoothdriveofa smallerpitchisrequired,thechainmaybe”siamesed”insteadofjusttworowsofplatesontheoutersidesofthechain,theremaybethree(“duplex”),four(“triplex”),ormorerowsofplatesrunningparallel,withbushingsandrollersbetweeneachadjacentpair,andthesamenumberofrowsofteethrunninginparallelonthesprocketstomatch.Timingchainsonautomotiveengines,forexample,typicallyhavemultiplerowsofplatescalledstrands.


Anexampleoftwo’ghost’sprocketstensioninga triplexrollerchainsystem
Abicyclechainisa formofrollerchain.Bicyclechainsmayhavea masterlink,ormayrequirea chaintoolforremovalandinstallation.A similarbutlargerandthusstrongerchainisusedonmostmotorcyclesalthoughitissometimesreplacedbyeithera toothedbeltora shaftdrive,whichofferlowernoiselevelandfewermaintenancerequirements.
Chainsarealsousedinforkliftsusinghydraulicramsasa pulleytoraiseandlowerthecarriagehowever,thesechainsarenotconsideredrollerchains,butareclassifiedasliftorleafchains.

SeaHarrierFA.2ZA195front(chilly)vectorthrustnozzle- thenozzleisrotatedbya chaindrivefromanairmotor
Aperhapsunusualuseofa pairofmotorcyclechainsisintheHarrierJumpJet,wherea chaindrivefromanairmotorisusedtorotatethemovableenginenozzles,allowingthemtobepointeddownwardsforhoveringflight,ortotherearfornormalforwardflight,a systemknownasThrust


Theeffectofwearona rollerchainistoincreasethepitch(spacingofthelinks),causingthechaintogrowlonger.Notethatthisisduetowearatthepivotingpinsandbushes,notfromactualstretchingofthemetal(asdoeshappentosomeflexiblesteelcomponentssuchasthehand-brakecableofa motorvehicle).

Withmodernchainsitisunusualfora chain(otherthanthatofa bicycle)towearuntilitbreaks,sincea wornchainleadstotherapidonsetofwearontheteethofthesprockets,withultimatefailurebeingthelossofalltheteethonthesprocket.Thesprockets(inparticularthesmallerofthetwo)suffera grindingmotionthatputsa characteristichookshapeintothedrivenfaceoftheteeth.(Thiseffectismadeworsebya chainimproperlytensioned,butisunavoidablenomatterwhatcareistaken).Thewornteeth(andchain)nolongerprovidessmoothtransmissionofpowerandthismaybecomeevidentfromthenoise,thevibrationor(incarenginesusinga timingchain)thevariationinignitiontimingseenwitha timinglight.Bothsprocketsandchainshouldbereplacedinthesecases,sincea newchainonwornsprocketswillnotlastlong.Nevertheless,inlessseverecasesitmaybepossibletosavethelargerofthetwosprockets,sinceitisalwaysthesmalleronethatsuffersthemostwear.Onlyinverylight-weightapplicationssuchasa bicycle,orinextremecasesofimpropertension,willthechainnormallyjumpoffthesprockets.

Inindustry,itisusualtomonitorthemovementofthechaintensioner(whethermanualorautomatic)ortheexactlengthofa drivechain(oneruleofthumbistoreplacea rollerchainwhichhaselongated3%onanadjustabledriveor1.5%ona fixed-centerdrive).A simplermethod,particularlysuitableforthecycleormotorcycleuser,istoattempttopullthechainawayfromthelargerofthetwosprockets,whilstensuringthechainistaut.Anysignificantmovement(e.g.makingitpossibletoseethrougha gap)probablyindicatesa chainwornuptoandbeyondthelimit.Sprocketdamagewillresultiftheproblemisignored.Sprocketwearcancelsthiseffect,andmaymaskchainwear.


Themostcommonmeasureofrollerchain’sstrengthistensilestrength.Tensilestrengthrepresentshowmuchloada chaincanwithstandundera one-timeloadbeforebreaking.Justasimportantastensilestrengthisa chain’sfatiguestrength.Thecriticalfactorsina chain’sfatiguestrengthisthequalityofsteelusedtomanufacturethechain,theheattreatmentofthechaincomponents,thequalityofthepitchholefabricationofthelinkplates,andthetypeofshotplustheintensityofshotpeencoverageonthelinkplates.Otherfactorscanincludethethicknessofthelinkplatesandthedesign(contour)ofthelinkplates.Theruleofthumbforrollerchainoperatingona continuousdriveisforthechainloadtonotexceeda mere1/6or1/9ofthechain’stensilestrength,dependingonthetypeofmasterlinksused(push-fitvs.slip-in shape)[citationneeded].Rollerchainsoperatingona continuousdrivebeyondthesethresholdscanandtypicallydofailprematurelyvialinkplatefatiguefailure.

ThestandardminimumultimatestrengthoftheANSI29.1steelchainis12,500x (pitch,ininches)2.X-ringandO-Ringchainsgreatlydecreasewearbymeansofinternallubricants,increasingchainlife.Theinternallubricationisinsertedbymeansofa vacuumwhenrivetingthechaintogether.





one.     ReliableQualityAssuranceSystem
two.     Cutting-EdgeComputer-ControlledCNCMachines
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Wearenotjusta manufacturerandsupplier,butalsoanindustryconsultant.Weworkpro-activelywithyoutoofferexpertadviceandproductrecommendationsinordertoendupwitha mostcosteffectiveproductavailableforyourspecificapplication.TheclientsweserveworldwiderangefromenduserstodistributorsandOEMs.OurOEMreplacementscanbesubstitutedwherevernecessaryandsuitableforbothrepairandnewassemblies.

Sorts of Roller Chains

There are numerous types of roller chains obtainable. These chains have distinct houses and serve different reasons. Below you will find out about diamond roller chains, X-ring and O-ring chains, inverted tooth chains, and self-lubricating chains. You can pick the variety that ideal fits your needs by studying this post. It will also support you make an educated determination. Purchasing the right roller chain for your needs is easy. Hope this report is valuable to you!

Diamond roller chain

Diamond roller chains are much more effective than other chains and can considerably increase chain life. The exceptional layout of the chain helps prevent inside rust from seeping out. In addition, Diamond ACE characteristics a corrosion-resistant exterior and a zinc-nickel pre-assembled coating that provides prolonged corrosion safety and wear resistance. These characteristics minimize chain downtime and labor charges, conserving a constructing materials production organization practically $33,000 more than the daily life of its equipment.
Diamond sequence chains lead the sector in quality and toughness, with industry-leading tensile strength and the cheapest overall value of ownership. With a assorted item portfolio like common chains, specialty chains, and custom made chains, the business is confident to offer the correct chain for your software. The organization also delivers a extensive assortment of equipment for a assortment of equipment. For far more data, please go to the company site.
As 1 of the foremost companies of roller chains, the CZPT Firm delivers unparalleled skills and wear resistance in the power transmission industry. CZPT is dependable by foremost industries and offers the highest return on investment decision. The diamond is a symbol of energy and toughness, and the firm selected it as the company’s trademark to convey its main values. CZPTs can previous up to 100 several years or far more in harsh conditions, even in underwater environments.

Self-lubricating chain

Self-lubricating roller chains are made to enhance efficiency even though keeping a higher amount of cleanliness. These chains are made of sintered alloy bushings impregnated with lubricant and pins specially handled to launch oil when required. These chains have a lengthy services daily life and are suited for environments exactly where regular lubrication is challenging. Underneath are the rewards of self-lubricating roller chains.
Maintenance-cost-free self-lubricating roller chains are the perfect substitute for standard roller chains. They are ideal for packaging, printing, textile, and sawmill purposes. These chains reduce downtime and improve productiveness. Moreover, they lessen the chance of contamination. Another benefit is that there are numerous kinds of self-lubricating roller chains to pick from, permitting you to pick the a single that best satisfies your demands. To discover much more about these rewards, go through the Maintenance Free Roller Chains Industry Report released by Dataintelo.
CAN-AM self-lubricating roller chains make sure adhere-free procedure. These chains are available in ANSI/BS normal and double pitch variants. They feature oil-impregnated bushings and preloaded sintered steel bushings for long life. These self-lubricating roller chains are drop-in replacements for regular roller chains and run on common roller chain sprockets.

X-Ring and O-Ring Chains

Equally O-ring and X-ring roller chains are sealed and unsealed. You are going to locate them on classic bikes and little economic climate vehicles. Other purposes incorporate bulldozer treads and conveyor belts. Regular chains are created of straightforward basic bearings that call for lubrication each and every couple of hundred miles. Although the former is the most affordable sort of roller chain, they do demand more servicing than O-rings.
The major distinction between the two varieties of chains is the friction and value they make. X-rings are somewhat considerably less high-priced, but they develop much less friction than O-rings. X-rings are a much more cost-effective choice for road riders, even though O-ring chains are much more pricey for off-highway racers. In some circumstances, X-ring and O-ring roller chains can be distinguished by the price tag tag by yourself.
The two X-ring and O-ring roller sprockets are accessible in a assortment of designs. The two designs supply equivalent overall performance, but there are some crucial variations to contemplate. X-rings are typically greater for more time vacation as they provide greater longevity and overall performance. O-rings are usually a lot more expensive than X-ring chains, but if you’re contemplating about long outings, they are a wonderful option.

Reverse chain

Inverted roller chains are frequently referred to as silent chains. They have two protrusions on each board. The outer floor is floor to incorporate an angle of sixty or seventy levels. These protrusions about the doing work surfaces of the sprocket enamel. The interior floor or condition of the sprocket can obvious the sprocket. This makes a silent but nevertheless valid chain. This variety of chain is utilised in transmissions to move hefty objects.
There are three fundamental types of inverted toothed roller chains. Straightforward chains are one chains, even though double and triple chains have two or 3 strands. In these sorts of chains, the pins go through-hardened steel bushings at the ends of the back links. The principal variation in between these types is their measurement. If you are not positive what size you need, very first estimate the capacity of the chain. You might be surprised to understand that the smaller the diameter the better.
The number of hyperlinks in a reverse roller chain decides the frequency of vibration. The frequency depends on the dimension of the chain and the duration of the chain between the sprockets. The shorter the chain, the greater the “pull” – the up-and-down jitter brought on by the sprocket. This brings about further peak masses on the generate and shortens its lifestyle.

PEER Chain’s Weighty Responsibility Sequence Double-Stranded Roller Chains

Large-responsibility double-strand roller chains are best for industrial and agricultural use as they give extra steadiness and power. PEER Chains manufactures chains in numerous lengths and pitches and gives diverse equipment including sprockets and pre tensioned chains. These chains are also available in a assortment of different alloys and grades. Outlined below are some of the most typical utilizes for heavy-obligation double strand roller chains.
Heavy-obligation PEER double-strand roller chains are available in a variety of designs and kinds, including the HKK NICKEL PLATED collection. These chains are greatest suited for outside and mildly corrosive programs. They use a patented method to increase fatigue energy and minimize first elongation. In addition, HKK double pitch twin-strand roller chains are lighter and significantly less expensive than regular roller chains.
The report also highlights the aggressive environment and the most recent industry tendencies. The report identifies important gamers in the Roller Chains business, including manufacturing, sales, and international industry share. It also offers in depth organization profiles and analyses of every single seller, which includes modern merchandise launches, partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions. It also supplies the aggressive landscape, which includes firm profiles, item blend, and creation scale. After you know what to anticipate from the industry, you can make a buying decision.

Routine maintenance of Mechanical Adaptable Couplings

Proper upkeep of mechanical adaptable couplings on roller chains is essential to making sure the suitable operation and dependability of the method. Upkeep of these couplings contains periodic inspection of the elements. Check for signs of tiredness and put on. Regular inspections will aid establish when to replace the coupling. It also aids establish the remaining existence of the coupling.
Couplings must be replaced periodically for optimum functionality. When replacing, be confident to use the proper parts. Make certain the coupling type matches the coupling variety and chain measurement. Similar coupling elements may possibly not match, so a cross-reference information or manufacturer’s spec quantity may possibly be helpful. Make certain that the coupling is equipped with a ideal roller chain.
Mechanical elastic couplings on the roller chain can be very easily lubricated to avoid premature failure. Elastomeric couplings can accommodate slight shaft misalignments and are ideal for high rotational speeds. Also, it absorbs shocks. Its versatility is thanks to free components. In addition, lubrication is important to reduce wear on coupling parts.

Roller chain dimensions

Knowing the simple proportions of the rollers is crucial if you want to discover the appropriate roller chain for your requirements. The 3 essential dimensions of a roller chain are pitch, width, and pin diameter. These proportions are crucial due to the fact they are employed to discover the type of chain. These proportions do not normally look in chain company catalogs. They are generally designed for men and women designing new equipment. They are not essential to upkeep specialists, but they are critical to know if you are hunting for a certain variety of roller chain.
After you know the specific size of the chain, you can go on to choosing the correct type. You can use the printable template to measure your chain, which can make it effortless to evaluate with the dimension chart. Will not overlook to examine the relaxation of the roller chain’s specs to make confident it fits your device. Using the Roller Chain Dimension Chart is an straightforward way to decide the suitable duration, width, and peak for your software.
When getting a roller chain, be positive to verify the amount of teeth and the ratio of the two. A widespread ratio is 2:1. The generate sprocket need to have at least 2 times as several tooth as the roller sprocket. If the chain is employed for high precision, check the sort of sprocket as this will decide the correct dimension of the chain. You can also select in between slip-match ​​and push-suit mid plates.

China OEM High-Intensity and High Precision and Wear Resistance *P50f36 China Standard and ISO and ANSI Conveyor Chain     with Free Design Custom

China Hot selling Separate Plastic Chain Conveyor Chain with Rollers for Packing with Free Design Custom

Merchandise Description

Plastic Modular Conveyor Belt for manufacturing


1 This modular conveyor belt are practical to assembly and sustain
2. This modular conveyor belt can bear Higher mechanical energy
3. This modular conveyor belt has Excellent product handling efficiency
four. This modular conveyor belt are put on resistance and Oil Resistant
five. We are expert conveyor system producer,our product line have: modular belt, slat best chain, conveyor spare parts, conveyor system.
6. We can provide good soon after-sale services.
7. Each goods can be customized 

Application :



Technical specs:

Pitch(mm) Open up Area Lock Fashion Substance Rod Materials Tensile Power
50.8 % Lock Nail POM POM 18300 Flat Best
PP POM 23790
PE POM 21750
PA PA 25710


Pitch(mm) Open up Area Lock Design Substance Rod Material Tensile Energy
25.4 % Lock Nail POM POM 15300 Roller Prime
PP PA 18000
PE PA 10650
PA PA 25710


Pitch(mm) Open up Spot Lock Fashion Substance Rod Substance Tensile Energy
forty five fifty two% Lock Buttlon POM POM 16950 Roller Radius Flush Grid
PP PA 26700
PE PA 12750
PA PA 23100


Pitch(mm) Open up Spot Lock Fashion Content Rod Material Tensile Strength
ten % Lock Free of charge POM POM 14820 Flat Prime
PP PP 11400
PE PE 6675
PA PA 16620


Pitch(mm) Open Location Lock Fashion Material Rod Content Tensile Strength
25 35% Lock Buttlon POM POM 24600 Flush Grid
PP POM 15150
PE POM 14700
PA PA 21750


Pitch(mm) Open up Spot Lock Style Content Rod Materials Tensile Energy
19 16% Lock Nail POM POM 25710 Flush Grid
PP POM 14175
PE POM 12150
PA PA 15000

Item screen:



Our workshop:


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Company Introduction:
   Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is positioned in HangZhou. The organization handles a whole location of 14000 square meters. It is a CZPT enterprise integrating scientific investigation and development, engineering layout, production and set up, and commissioning companies.It is a set of impartial analysis and development, production, processing, revenue as 1 of the automation gear and equipment makers.
      If you get from us, we are certain that you will be drastically pleased with our items and the most competitive price.We are mainly majored in Conveyor Equipments for virtually 20 years so you can be relieved for our goods.  We are very seeking forward to obtain your any enquiries or orders.

Agriculture Chains: TheChain Use A roller chain is a sequence of linked journal bearings that articulate as they enter and depart the sprocket. This articulation can trigger pin and bushing put on. As the material wears absent from these surfaces, the roller chain will steadily elongate (Figure 1). Comprehending Roller Chain Put on Enhanced existence owing to use is a typical phenomenon during generate operation. The put on rate depends on several elements these consist of appropriate lubrication, load, and the frequency and degree of articulation among the pin and bushing. The manufacture of essential put on elements, nails, and bushings demand the strictest interest to depth. It commences with the proper selection of uncooked supplies, portion fabrication, and element planning prior to assembly, such as assembly. All of these are essential factors for optimum functionality. If the wear components are not of the maximum top quality, the use daily life of the roller chain will suffer irrespective of other aspects.
perfect remedy for your toughest employment Trying to keep farmers across the place cellular needs a variety of equipment that operate reliably even in the harshest circumstances. Agriculture is an business the place no one particular waits, so it is crucial to make sure that you have the proper tools to deal with your foodstuff and useful resource production actions with no too much squander or delays. Agricultural chains are excellent for large-influence applications such as baling hay, while also managing extra filth and dust that can effortlessly adhere to the work and trigger the chain to extend or even stop running. Intense heat and chilly and prolonged activity can also just take a toll on your tools, so it really is vital to know if your farming chain is dependable in excess of time.

China Hot selling Separate Plastic Chain Conveyor Chain with Rollers for Packing     with Free Design Custom

China Standard Motorcycle Conveyor link Roller Chain with Free Design Custom

Merchandise Description

Bike Chain (219, 420, 428, 520, 525, 530, 630)

A. Our Companies

1. Any of your type inquiry motorcycle chain would be replied within 24 hours.

2. Properly-trained and experienced product sales staffs will reply all your issues in fluent English.
three. OEM services are available with us, our skilled designer would make your personal notion into currently being.

4. Protection of your income location, concepts of style and all your private info.
five. Supply by air mail or ship for your orders.
6. With years of manufacture and promotion encounter in international market, provides you revenue and fantastic success!

B. Complex parameters: 


C. Organization demonstrate & Product procedure

D. Packaging 

Packaging Details: Chain+Plastic Bag+Neutral Box+Picket situation+Large Carton+Metal Pallets
Shipping Element: 6 weeks

1. Are you company or trade Company?

We are a manufacturing facility founded in 1991 with trade team for worldwide service.


two. What terms of payment you typically use?
T/T thirty% deposit and 70% in opposition to document, Western Union, L/C at sight


3. what is your direct time for your products?
Typically forty five times after verified order. thirty days could be available in lower year for some objects (throughout May possibly to July), and 65 days for the duration of new 12 months and hot year ( Jan to March).


four. Do you show up at any Demonstrate?
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Transmission qualities of the chain
It is generally accepted that the chain has grow to be an inexpensive component in transmission and conveying gear due to its reduced velocity and large load. In exercise, however, many chains are also utilised in substantial-pace conditions, these kinds of as the camshaft travel mechanism of a vehicle motor.
1. Effortlessly accommodates up to 7:1 deceleration/acceleration.
two. The chain can adapt to extended middle distances and is more broadly utilized.
3. The chain is effortless to realize multi-axis transmission or chain transmission on each sides.
four. The chain is standardized, and the variety is straightforward and effortless.
5. Simple to reduce and join the chain.
six. In purchase to transmit the identical torque, tchain lubrication
Lubrication of chain drives is dependent on application, temperature, linear speed of the chain, and so forth.
influence on utilization
Open up transmission, this sort of as numerous types of combine harvesters, windrowers and other chains should be greased.
Enclosed drives, this kind of as wander tractor chain drives, need to be lubricated.
temperature impact
It is typically suggested to use lubrication in the variety of -5℃~+60℃.
Use reduced-viscosity oil in winter season and higher-viscosity oil in summer.
Linear velocity influence
The lubrication method is straight related to the linear velocity of the chain,
You should refer to the lubrication technique selected on the correct for specifics.
he diameter of the sprocket of the chain program is scaled-down than the diameter of the pulley.
seven. Sprockets dress in considerably less than gears since the sprockets are in a position to distribute the load over many sprocket teeth.
eight. By way of the enhance of vibration induced by use elongation or wear elongation, it can be known regardless of whether the service existence of the chain has been arrived at, which is effortless to notice and master.

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